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Cubitt Theobald Kitchens

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Cubitt Theobald Ltd
St Catherines Road
Long Melford
Suffolk CO10 9JU


Telephone: 01787 371 002
Fax: 01787 880 625
Email: enquiries@cubitt-theobald-kitchens.co.uk
Web: www.cubitt-theobald-kitchens.co.uk

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Cubitt Theobald Kitchens is a specialist kitchen company based in Long Melford.
We hand make traditional kitchens to the highest standards.  Each kitchen is a one off design to meet the  customer’s requirements.  We fit kitchens in cottages, large country houses and even in London.

Our service is unique as we arrange all of the building works, the plumbing, the electrics, the tiling and decorations.  This provides customers with complete reliability in terms of quality and delivery.

Continual family ownership and management since 1903 provides a solid commitment to our customers.



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