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National Trust

Landscapism by Michael Goodey.
At the Boat House Gallery, Flatford.
28 April – 24 June.

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Landscapism by Michael Goodey

At the Boat House Gallery, Flatford. 28 April – 24 June

In this exhibition hosted by the National Trust at the new Boat House Gallery next to Bridge Cottage, Flatford, Michael Goodey focuses on the paintings of John Constable, 'Britain's greatest landscape artist', and the association with Flatford Mill.

It is striking how many Constable paintings, including the most important ones such as The Hay Wain, are sited close to the river Stour at Flatford. Michael has included ten of those in his work. We shouldn’t forget that Constable painted scenes of rural working life and Flatford would have been a busy, noisy and dirty place. Today it is a tourist destination. By ‘signposting’ the Constable sites it is intended to suggest a bridge between the rural and industrial past and the present, geared to a new kind of industry – the leisure industry.

Michael is best known for The View Finder Trail, a 28 km bicycle trail around the town of Colchester, in which his hand painted images on white reflective vinyl are sited in the landscape.

‘In order to picture something, any object, you need a symbolic language. To be able to name it you need to be able to identify it by its shape and form. This is the basis of my picture making. I began using the given lexicon of road traffic signage and as I explored the subject of landscape art it became necessary to find more symbols, either from other sources or inventing them myself.’

To accompany the exhibition Michael will lead a walk around the painting sites. See our website for details - www.nationaltrust.org.uk.

18 April 2012